WeedFest 2013         

                           Weed's Past and Future

    The town of Weed gets its name from
the founder of the local lumber mill
and pioneer Abner Weed....

   He chose the location because
climate was dry
    and VERY windy...

   In 1897, Abner Weed bought the
Siskiyou Lumber and Mercantile Mill
 and 280 acres of land in what is now
the City of Weed, for the sum of
$400. By the 1940s Weed boasted
the world's largest sawmill.


But times changed, and when the big mill
closed in 1981, 650 people lost their jobs,
and the town of Weed never fully recovered.  Still, there are two constants that never
changed for Weed... The relentless wind...
 and the town's name..."Weed".
With the blossoming of new "green energy"
industries, wind power could soon be an
economic boom for the town, which sits
smack in the middle of a "Class 5" windfield.
Plus the novelty of the town's name could be
a huge attraction for tourism if California
follows other states' leads and ends the
prohibition of hemp and marijuana...

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